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Hi there! We are known as Vinisoft. A group made out of freelance space riders and hot classy nerds. We don't aim for world domination, or try to make this world a better place. We're purely tryin' to get some cash for booze and spare parts for our ship, by creating outstanding and purrrrfect mobile applications and web based solutions on Drupal. Though, our true passion is game development! Feel free to hit us when You appear to develop the urge to!

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128 realized projects 20 featured app 1,2 mio apps downloads
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Phone number
call Softwarový Joe: +421 907 308 032
SKYPE: Robocoders
ICQ: Halbschnelle Rindsroulade
We work worldwide
situated in Slovakia
in the middle of Europe

Vinisoft, s.r.o.
Sídlo:  Povina 234, 023 33 Povina
Prevádzka: Hlavná 84, 080 01 Prešov

IČO: 46 004 360
IČ DPH: SK2023183052
Bank account: 2921851247 / 1100
IBAN: SK56 1100 0000 0029 2185 1247
Spoločnosť je zapísaná v obchodnom registri Okresného súdu Žilina, oddiel Sro, vložka číslo 54140/L.